== OF SHADOWS & CLOUDS (dime’s worth or chasing the dragon in my soul) ==

This month is my anniversary, my first year of blogging, so, I will be rebloging some of the first poems that I published, when I had only 15 followers … Enjoy.


I get lost in the shadows of

my mind

Demon shadows

Suicide shadows

Black    shadows


and white clouds.


Rain falling

over me

I ceased to be.


A renouncement.

            A reborn.


The most perfect sound

is the cry of the baby at birth.


Get out of my cloud

That only owned me

              And It’s so lonely

                      And It’s so cold.


A milliard of stars



in front of my eyes

And my body

a broken field.


I’ve got claustrophoby(a)

running through my soul.

A claustrophobic soul

and the people around me

all of you must leave me alone.


The most orgasmic moment

is when you leave this world

that is the personification

of the sublime poetry


and the Birth of the SOUL.

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