Boring monotony and the death of the muse

It’s the end for me
I can’t write no more
I need a tragic love affair
Or something to happen
My days are empty
Only work and no fun
And my muse is dying
Incarcerated in a monotonous life
Day by day the same day by day
The same
Routine is oxidizing my soul

10 thoughts on “Boring monotony and the death of the muse

  1. I felt like this for awhile Leo. Still coming out of the death of my muse… slowly. Perhaps do something to get yourself out of the routine? That’s why I’ve been hiking. Gotta do something to change it up and clear my mind. Best of luck to you my friend.

    • Thank You, love. True is that I can’t write no more, I’m too much critic of my works and I don’t consider that they are any good, and I don’t know how to improve myself. That’s the reason why I stopped writing. I try to write from time to time but, for much effort that I put from my side, nothing good come out of my mind.

      • Same. I still write though…. just can’t seem to post many, if at all. It’s even hard to get started some days. I’ll just write until all the crap clears out and the fine parts start shining through. Like you, I used to write and then stopped for many years, and then I started this year again – but this time it was a whole lot better. ALL of us writers go through a block, this is normal and you will find that inspiration and your craftsmanship will come back stronger. Until then, take care. *hugs*

  2. Perhaps it is right around the corner , Leo. Please write…sometimes I just write snippets until it all comes together.

    • I try, but is like my brain is empty of creativity, I just can’t find inspiration in anything and is really difficult for me to write a sentence after another … From end of May that I have this kind of block, and I can’t get over it. Plus that I’m discomfort with most of the things that I wrote in this last months. I want to improve myself, to write better, deep things, but mostly everything that I’m writing in the last time is crap. It had happened to me some years ago, and it was a hell of a nightmare to find myself away from writing. Then I stopped writing for, like, 7 or 8 years … I don’t know, I need to find some inspiration, that’s all.

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