NOTES ABOUT ELH R ‘BYYHIII (an autobiography)

  Elh R ‘Byyhiii, Mar Del Plata’s folklore mythological creature, born on May 25, 1983 a bleeding moon’s night under the sign of God V’eenlxin’E. Of unknown parents is said to have been brought from the other world in the back of a giant crow. At 30 he is a poet of the underworld. Its anatomy consists of a pair of wings whose ends drags at his step, goat legs, sharp teeth as fangs, and two horns adorning his head, his blue skin is full of enigmatic religious drawings. He walks in the shadows looking for young virgins to deflower. His singing, they say, leads to debauchery, madness, mystical orgies in the underworld. Little is known with certainty about this creature, more legends are many. If you get to see it, please, cover your ears, and keep walking, otherwise you would be exposed to the vilest sadistic sins …

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