Versatile Blogger Award



Some days ago I was nominated to this award by Heartafire

Thank you, darling.


I know there are other bloggers that nominated me for awards in the past, my apologies for not give it credit. I like awards but I was not making awards for a time. But, come on, if you nominated me, the minimum thing that I can do is to thank you, sooo thank you for all the people that nominated me in the past.


Let’s see, 7 things about me:


1. I’m 30 years old

2. I like comics … in the last months I even quit reading books to read lots of comic books (I just haven’t patience to read lot

of pages full with large words)

3. One month ago I buy an iPad because my first tablet just passed out. I buy the iPad mostly for reading comics but it turns to be a lot more than I expected. I simply falled in love with this machine.

4. I want to live in America !!! 

5. I love cyberpunk, native americans, vikings, heavy metal, and beer

6. I have a dog 

7. I used to consider myself an anarchist … now I just don’t care about politics, they are all the same. But, I’m still in favor of anarchism. (… if only it could be effective …)


Now, the blogs that I nominate :


Thank you for reading

12 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations. 😀
    And thankyou so much.
    Btw,do I have to post 7things about me again? XD
    I can recieve it without doing that,right? 😀
    As you have not mentioned any rules.

  2. how sweet, this is my third like and comment on this piece…didn’t know that was possible. Just want you to know I love you gut wrenching poetry,straight from the heart (no pun) , please keep writing, you are gifted.

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