What kind of future is there for me ?

I can’t even take a girl

My soul is broken

My brain

My heart.


What kind of life is there for me ?

I can’t even rent a house in a poor neighborhood

Don’t talk about buying a ground

Don’t talk about living

Don’t talk about studying.


Everything is expensive

and, while I’m starving to death

most of the people




(I wish I could be dead)

6 thoughts on “Reality

  1. darling Leo, I am so touched by this evocative piece. You are not alone in wondering about the gap between the wealthy and the struggling, but you have what it takes to get ahead. You recently asked that grammar glitches be brought to your attention, Burndiaries and I have been critiquing each other somewhat and I really like it. At any rate, here the correct English grammar would say “don’t talk”
    rather than “don’t talking”. If you don’t want any critique of this nature tell me to fuck off, I can take it. You are going to go far with your writing and in life, you have the tenacity, it shines in your words. I wish I had a Ferrari, but rather I would like to put shoes on the little ones. Hugs, Heart

    • Thank you for the grammatical correction, Heart, I need them to improve my english. About this poem, this is my situation, my reallity, I live in poverty, I’m financially broke and I don’t see how can I get out of this situation. My saliary is not enough and I can’t find a well paid job. Yes, I rent a house, I have a room, a bed, a computer, internet, but I live to the day, and sometimes even not to the day. I know that the example of the Ferraris is extreme, but that is how I feel, while here, in this country, everyone that is 30 years old have a car, I can’t even buy a bycicle. So, yes, I live a fucked up reality.

  2. Oh no Having no girl or no money don’t mean you have to die 😦 Life is a second name for struggle ! Try try again until you get all what you want ! Dont be like a dead straw ! Boost up all your energies and stand up again and Yes I know you can do it 🙂 All the best wishes 🙂 Love the poetry xx

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