6 thoughts on “No. 57

  1. I don´t think I know of such a moment 🙂 I can remember being in awkward predicaments but to remember an awkward moment realising that I have nothing in my life? Perhaps you can enlighten me? Best regards from Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself 🙂

    • so you are lucky, or maybe I’ve bad luck. There is nothing to enligthen, it is just how I feel at the moment. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Sorry to have found out that you´re feeling down at the moment.
    I´m no more lucky than anybody else in life. In fact, I have always gone my own way in life (the only way if to eventually, be happy) and my path was usually against the flow of society. I find that the human race has very much to learn (an opinion that is not so easily shared by my surroundings – most simply evade looking at reality). I have many years behind me and have fallen flat on my face many times, but I always believed in myself.
    There are times when one feels alone in this world but at least we always have ourselves – our soul, and the ability to eventually change our predicament.
    I´m sorry to have bothered you and hope that you eventually find your path in life.
    All the very best wishes 🙂

  3. Hi Leo, most of us have times when we imagine , there must be more out there, something. It is just around the corner, young man. May I wax philosophical (you know I am prone to do so, however disgusting it may be) happiness is a journey not a destination. Hugs!

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