to the Torres family (a poem of anger)

You teached me

that not every family is a family

that not every person that accept you into his house

is making you a favour

that there is darkness in every heart

and more when there is money involved

You used me

and you made me feel like trash

Well, let me tell you

disgusting rats

(even calling you rats

is an insult to the animals)

You were never my family

I never felt nothing for you

and what is more painful

You never existed in my life

You distorted my thoughts

so, get the hell out of my mind

you are the filthiest persons that I know

You are nothing but dust

corrupting my soul

making me feel angry

You don’t deserve those thoughts

the only thing that you deserve

is that I forget you

and leave you

to die.



(note : the Torres are the family for the side of my father. The only honest person in this family was my father. R.I.P. Juan Carlos Torres – even when you hadn’t the balls to contradict your filthy family)

2 thoughts on “to the Torres family (a poem of anger)

    • that side of the family, they never were my family, the only relative that we have is blood, but blood don’t make a family your family. Thank you, Heart.

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