_ This girl wants you,
he told to me,
she was 17
I was 18.
Some days after she phoned me
_ Hi, do you want to go to a movie ?
_ Yes, I said
We met
But we didn’t went to the movie
we rented a movie and went
to her home
_ I need to pee
I told her
When I get out of the bathroom
she was on a really sexy dress
The movie started
She sits between my legs
I kissed her
_ Hey, we came to see the movie
she told me
_ Yes, of course
I told her
She jumped over me
_ Take off your clothes
She said
I started to suck her off
We fucked in the balcony
All the passersby were watching at us
I cum in her ass
I never saw her

since that day

2 thoughts on “Yamila

    • jej, thanks. She was my second fuck. The first was my first girlfriend, Laura, when I was 18. I hate those men that say : “I loose my virginity when I was 12”, what the fuck, at 12 I was watching Thundercats and playing with toys. I loose my virginity when I was 18, it was the perfect time.

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