31 day blog challenge, day 16 …

So, for today :


What is in top of your bucket list ?


emm, sorry, but :


What is a bucket list ?




Thanks to Heart that told me what a bucket list is. So, my bucket list :


. Visit Japan

. Go to live in a Buddhist Temple and become a Tibetian Monk

. Publish at least one book of poetry

. Read a lot of books that I need to read

. Hear a lot of music that I need to hear

. Watch a lot of movies and series that I need to watch

. Get married

. Have children

. Improve my economic situation

. etc., etc., etc.


Thank you for reading

4 thoughts on “31 day blog challenge, day 16 …

    • igual no se van a poder cumplir, asi que porque no dormir ?

      Hablando en serio, me gusta mucho dormir, me fascina, me encanta estar despierto dentro de mis sueños, me encanta vivirlos, y la sensacion del cuerpo totalmente relajado, como si estuviera flotando en el aire.

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