31 day blog challenge, day 15 …

Yesterday I wasn’t able to be here, so today I’m doing double challenge, for yesterday and for today


(yesterday) Timeline of your day


every month is different, this month timeline is :


Sunday : free day, that meanst that I don’t work and I sleep till late, sometimes 12 hours, sometimes 14 …


Monday : I wake up late, and try to sleep the more that I can, at 22:00 I go to work, till 7:00, when I come home and go to sleep


Tuesday : the same as monday


Wednesday : the same as sunday


Thursday : I wake up at 10:00 and close the clock alarm, come back to sleep till 11:00, and close the clock alarm again, but this time I program it for 13:00. I wake up at 13:30 and I’m late for work, from 15 to 23 I’m in my work and then come back to sleep


Friday :  I wake up at 5:00 (after sleeping only 4 hours) and go to work from 7:00 to 15:00. I come home tired and go to sleep, or stay in bed. At night sometimes I go out with friends, but most of the time I go to sleep


Saturday : the same as monday and thursday


(note for myself : I sleep too much … good night)






4 thoughts on “31 day blog challenge, day 15 …

    • el tema es que no hay nada mejor para hacer, vivo en un pais donde el unico lugar donde hay movimientor es Tel Aviv, despues las otras ciudades estan muertas … y la ciudad donde vivo no es excepcion.

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