… and the writer’s block continue

Ok, how much, one week, two, three ? and I can’t write, I have nothing to say and my mind is like switched out. God, it makes me want to hit my head with a hammer to see if there are some ideas still alive. I write, but it’s not good and I don’t know how to finish it.



this writer’ block is taken too much time       !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19 thoughts on “… and the writer’s block continue

    • thank you, Heart, but I’m blocked, some severe weeks and I can’t put out a good poem. It started the moment that I decided to send my poems for publication.

  1. I understand how you feel. I often go through that. Relax, go outside, see and observe the world, read the news and have a good rest. Since you are going through writer’s block, why not write how you feel in going through this writer’s block? Hope this helps you, Leo 🙂

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