31 day blog challenge, day 14 …

First of all, let’s say that I don’t feel like writing today. I’m in one of my down-mood-days, without energy and pessimist. Kind of depressive. I want to sleep. But, let’s make an effort and made the challenge of today :


If you won the lottery




(money, money, money)


First of all I did pay my debts, that’s first. Buy two houses, one of them I did rent, and the other for me living there. I did buy a Harley, too. Go to study in the university. Make a travel all around the world. Invite all my friends (that aren’t too much) to party and drink till we are death. Get more tattoos and cover ups …


… those are the things I can think at right now. 


Thank you for reading.

3 thoughts on “31 day blog challenge, day 14 …

  1. likes have not been wrking for ? 3 days or notifications. A wordpress glitch? I hope you win the lottery!
    It would solve a lot of my problems and my friends problems should I Luck out someday.

    • I’m having problems to comment in my own blog, too.

      I hope it too, but I don’t even play, nor know how to play it, but yes, it would be good if I could win the lottery.

  2. Now you’ve got the idea to look for” Vintage Tea Hire flair” – don’t have any time of the party, up-size a picture of your daughter holding her baby doll.

    Be careful with your children and letting them
    play alone in exposed front yards.

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