I’m awake

I was all night awake


and now

I’m sitting in front of my computer

typing words

in the net


I really need to go to sleep.


So I sit here writing and thinking,

thinking about everything and nothing,

thinking about my head that hurt and my debts in the bank,

thinking about how to get a girl without telling her that I’m broke,

thinking about Life and Death, 

Destiny, the Astral Plane, and the words of Carl Sagan,

thinking about you



that are there reading this words

making them come to life

in your mind

and maybe judging them, maybe not caring about them, maybe studying them, maybe

thinking about them,


Well, my friend let me tell you

there is nothing to think about  :


Everything is written

before we were born, but


Death is a mistery

that Life doesn’t even know

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