A Matter of Faith

I need a change

I want to start to believe in God

but I’m so far away from Him

that I don’t know where to start


(note 1 : I feel weird when I think about God, but I need to start to believe in something, I don’t believe even in me … I’m lost …)

(note 2 :  accept sugestions …)

9 thoughts on “A Matter of Faith

    • I feel like that, totally lost in the vast forest of life, and the forest is darkest everytime … I want to get out of here, but I lost the way …

  1. As a writer, sometimes being lost is the best place to be. I myself don’t believe in God (although I might be an agnostic) and half the time I don’t believe in myself. In fact, half the time I hate myself more than anyone else ever possibly could. I sometimes feel that perhaps this negative attitude assists me with my writing. As a writer one is never really lost for words for anything can generate them. As far as I can tell, whatever writer’s block you may have has not haltered your talent. Your words are honest, powerful and never fail to captivate or entertain. 😀

  2. I agree with the others about the merits of your words. In the other subject, if you want to find God, just talk to him. One night before going to sleep start talking in low voice and say whatever you’re thinking to Him. It really works.

    • I tried, but …

      The thing is I was raised like a christian, but the church rejected me for the music that I used to hear and the clothes I choosed to wear (I was a punk). So my idea of God is relative with my idea of the church and my idea of the church is not so possitive. In the other hand, I, even when I say that I don’t believe, I believe in God.

      • El punto es ir no tiene que ver con la religión lo que te digo. Por eso, y con más razón sin tu ya crees, alejate de esa idea de la iglesia y habla con el sin intermediarios. Olvida la iglesia!

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