Writer’s block


It passed some several days and me without writing, is like ideas don’t want to flow through my mind, is like I’m drained of them, is like …


I miss the all-days-writings, I miss when I wrote 4 or 5 poems a day, I miss … I miss …


Days of writer’s block are walking my way …


(I’m F*cked !)

9 thoughts on “Writer’s block

    • jaj, sorry to read that, but at least I fell less alone. It’s horrible, it’s like the emptiness is filling my soul … I want to write !!! I need to write !!!

      • Oops, I found your post in the Reader and I didn’t realise whose blog I was commenting on – I’m such a scatterbrain! Still, I bet it would be interesting to read a similar piece by you!

      • that’s ok, that happens, actually, I just wrote a poem about my block … I will be posting it in a while …

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