Sunshine Award

I was nominated by the blog to this award, thank you very much girl …



The rules 


. Post the logo above 

. Accept the nomination and link back to the blog that nominated you 

. Answer the questions

. Nominate 10 blogs and inform them of the nomination 
The questions

Favorite color:  Black

Favorite animal: Lion

Favorite number(s): 3 and 7

Favorite (non-alcoholic drink): Coca-Cola

Favorite (alcoholic drink): beer and red wine

Facebook or Twitter: WordPress = )

My passions: writing, poetry, comics, books, music, art

Giving or receiving gifts: both

Favorite city: Tokyo

Favorite TV show: The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The X-Files, and lots of anime


My nominations


(… yes, only 5)


Well, thank you for your time and your support, people


14 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

  1. Hola Leo buenos días.
    Felicitaciones por la nominación que has recibido.
    Y muchas gracias por haber nominado mi blog, me pone muy contenta.
    Que tengas magnífica jornada.

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