Ludmila (01/06/13 dream)

I met with Ludmila and we were together again. She was cured of the cancer. We met with some of her russian friends and one of them needed a tool. I went to the next room, opened the door of the closet and get my tool’s box. I get a screwdriver and a hammer and gave it to him.

Then Ludmila and her friends went for a walk and I went with them. They had 2 cars and something like a skateboard chained to the cars. We traveled on the skateboards while they drove the cars. It was a race.

We stopped and Ludmila get naked. I get naked too. We kissed.

Now we were again in the room, and her friends had prepared a dinner, some russian food with red wine.

I opened the door and in the other side was the garden of my house in Argentina.

I woke up.

The dream was in colours and in the dream it was afternoon and night.

(note : Ludmila was the first girlfriend that I had when I arrived in Israel, and my 3rd official girlfriend … we are not soo much in contact now)

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