31 day blog challenge, day 2 …



20 facts about me (wow, 20 … )


1) I’m 30 years old

2) I was raised in Argentina, I get born in a city called Mar Del Plata (the most beatiful city in all the world), it is actually a port, with lot of sea and smell of fish all around the place. I really miss that place.

3) When I was a child my dream was to live in Mar Del Plata

4) I went to Buenos Aires, Cap. Fed., when I was 2 years old

5) My fathers get divorced at that time

6) I write from my childhood. I remember to start to write an adventure story, with lot of resemblance to Indiana Jones … It get lost. I want to read it again.

7) I had my first girlfriend when I was 18. She was a lesbian, called Laura. The thing is, before I started to date Laura, I dated a girl for one week called Romina, we separate after one week, and she started to date Laura, they separate after 1 month and I started to date Laura. We were together for 4 months

8) At the age of 18, I kissed a boy for first time. It was in a party of a Laura’s friend. There was Romina too. We started to kiss and make like kind of an orgy, this boy (that I don’t remember his name), Laura, Romina, and me.

9) I liked to consider myself bisexual. Now I’m not  attracted to boys.

10) At the age of 18 I started to smoke marihuana. It was in the University, I knew a girl whose name was Paloma. One day we sited there, in the back of the uni. and it was like a forest, she told me : “I’ve got a present to you”, and she get out a little wooden box with marihuana inside. She made a joint and it was my first time smoking. It felt like getting laid.

11) I started to smoke tabacco when I was 23.

12) I quited smoking in february 2013, after 9 times of leaving and coming back to it

13) I’m more attracted to black or brunette girls than  white girls … I like the colour in the skin …

14) I wear mostly black

15) My favourite food is tart of ham and cheese

16) My other favourite food is seafood

17) I usually fall in love after one or two dates (… yes, I know, it’s not too much wise to do that, but I can’t stop  my feelings …)

18) My favourite drink is cola

19) I want to travel to Japon, India, Thailand, Petra

20) I was in Barcelona once for two days and I felt in love with the place


Well, fellow readers and followers, thank you for reading



4 thoughts on “31 day blog challenge, day 2 …

  1. Por lo que llevas escrito, tienes una vida interesante y recién con 30 años.Deseo que los años venideros sean un poco más tranquilos?
    Que pases una hermosa jornada.

    • gracias, si, fue una etapa interesante, de mis 18 a mis 24 … a los 25 me calme, y ahora estoy entrando a la etapa adulta … vamos, que 30 anios no son pocos …

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