Hitler’s Daughters (24/05/13 dream)

I went in an excursion to the Hitler’s Daughters’s House. They were precious, they were 3 blondes from 16 to 21 years old. I felt in love with one of them. They weren’t nazis, in the contrary, they were comunists.

The Hitler’s grandmother (another comunist), told me that she was sorry for what Hitler made to us, the jews.

I thought that if I marry one of the daughters our son must be called Hitler.

(note : I’m jew, and I hate nazis …)

10 thoughts on “Hitler’s Daughters (24/05/13 dream)

    • good to know that. Yes, it was a dream, I want to start a diary of dreams, I usually remember 2 or 3 dreams a night

      • I have tried. My dreams are very much like color, emotion.. sometimes strong with no narrative at all. I’ll be curious how yours develop. 😉

      • my dreams are like surrealistic movies playing in my head, usually I dream in color … I think next step will be to dream in HD = )

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