Silence overwhelms me,
extends around me like
missing air at infinity
and chokes me,
drives me crazy.
My will battle with my eyes,
and in the center of my chest:
a void so immense
that is full.
My head works slowly
like a robot that has to be oiled,
and my feet are tired
of all the miles I didn’t walked.


[My place is

..[a big colorless hole


….[by Silence

6 thoughts on “Bore-do(o)m

  1. silence inhabits the soul,
    the whole being aches
    for a voice or even
    a single syllable of sound
    but to no avail
    and I fall into a silent sleep.

      • I am the one who
        will end this silence
        for myself,
        I am the one who
        will be responsible
        for my own well being-
        the burning star
        against the dark abyss
        setting the sky on fire,
        living my dream
        in the end.

      • in the end a lighthouse
        the lighthouse of the end of reality
        reality ends in the fog
        over the horizon
        in the realms of Morpheus
        where Silence is Lord and Master
        where void have it’s cradle
        in the sands of dreams
        in the shore of the universe
        where newborn leaves dance
        with the spirits of fire

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