Acid Search

I search

the free spirit on fire

through deep abysms and



I look and there is

the monstrous serpent

                                  with 7 heads

               and 14 horns


King Lizard talking to me

telling me stories of lost tribes and

                                                   their shamans


The air turn






under a crimson moon

in the desert of

                      dead souls

in the sand of

                    the colossus


There a spider wearing leather

                          a rat wrapped on latex

                                   a golden cockroach 6 feet tall

                                                         eating the





The air is toxic

dreams dying around us

the vision of the sea setting on fire

we are one with the destruction

                                              of the planets

                                                  the universe

all life that existed and

will exist


No more


No more


No more


No more


No more


No more

                               No more

             No more  

                            [false reallity

11 thoughts on “Acid Search

  1. Yesterday i made a song about being paranoid and audio and visual hallucinations. This is a more subtle way to note things crazy. NIce work.

    • Thank you, I’ll like to hear that song, is it in your blog ? by the way, I know some persons that had hallucinations, me being one of them, and it’s a hell of an experience. But the muse for this poem talked to me through the doors movie, the scene when they are in the desert, that’s why I wrote “King Lizard talking to me”

      • The king lizard was a really nice scene for me in my head. You really want to listen to that song? It may disturb you if you’ve had trouble with hallucinations in the past. Send me your email and I’ll send it to you. I don’t post my music on this site.

    • yes. Let’s say that is how I imagine a trip, I never had one, I’m 100 % against drugs … but that’s what I imagine I did see if I did take some acid

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