Just a question

I’m seeking advice, I want to submit some works to some poetry magazines. My questions are :


. did some of you made this before ?

. if so, what is there for me to consider ?


Well, thank you

11 thoughts on “Just a question

    • really ? I’m thinking about that, the only bad thing is that I can’t submit published works, and I have some works here in the blog that I wanted to submit. Anyway, I will need to create new works (that I do lot of times a day) and eat my guts to not post them here … well, thank you, I wish someone accept my works … I don’t consider myself that good of a writer … but … I need to bet on that.

      • Oh te entiendo. I’m trying to compile a book of poems but i always end up publishing them on my blog or other blogs. Tenemos que frenarnos. Avísame qué más descubres sobre la publicación jeje. me interesa también. Besos

      • si, estoy investigando … el tema es que en este pais (Israel) no conozco ninguna revista de poesia, ni nada que se le parezca … tal vez publicarlos en alguna revista internacional ?

  1. Some magazines, etc will accept work published on your blog and unless they stipulate the stigma that they won’t accept such pieces I don’t believe it matters. Depending on the publication you wish to submit to, the only thing to consider is the content they are prone to publish. As long as you know the kind of themes, et al, the publication predominately accepts and the guidelines in relation to their submissions, then there should be no known problems! Good luck!

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