15 thoughts on “to Alejandra Pizarnik (… and the cage turn to bird)

    • words are sometimes more beautiful than flowers, can you believe that ? … by the way, if you never read her I highly recommend you to search for some translated poetry of her, she was awesome, by far one of my 2 favourite poets, the other one is Bukowski.

    • yes, she was jew, and other things, I’m jew too, by the way, and I have russian backgrounds too, I’m a mix of cultures : grandmother – Polish; grandfather – Russian (that’s one half); the other half are indians … Are you russian or do you have russian background ?

      • Yeah, she was a jew, that i remember reading about her. Well, Im surprised you have such diverse roots.
        Im not russian, but i can speak russian 🙂

      • niet parusky rusit, that’s all I know to say, that and ia lblu tba … don’t ask me how to write it. By the way, I sent you some mails …

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