Liebster Blog Award


Thanks to Yoshiko from, for nominated me to this award. I promise to answer it when I wake up, now I need to go to sleep, too tired to do anything else … good afternoon-nights.

(note : just wanted to thank you, Yoshiko)

Well, I just wake up, and, like I promised, I will fill this award, I will fill it but I will not nominate anyone (sorry, folks)

My 11 questions to answer :

1. What is the purpose of blogging?

I just started to blogging because I wanted to show to others my poetry. It’s more easy to write if you have a public. When I started to blogging I was not thinking that it will take a part in my daily life. I found lot of interesting people here, and I wish to find even more …

2.What is your greatest joy in life?

I don’t really know how to answer this …

3.What is the greatest mistake in life?

wow, sooo much, one of them is to let years pass and don’t made anything in those years, now I see that big mistake that I did

4.What is your hobbies?

to write, to hear music, to watch movies and series, to collect comics, books and action figures

5.Who do live for?

I live for myself and my friends, for my mother too

6.Do you enjoy fishing?

never really tried it …

7.How do you define life?

the most beautiful chaos in the world

8.How do you view Christianity?

I used to be a christian till I was 17, but I was rejected because I was kind of a punk and a rebellious. I have nothing against God, Jesus, The Holly Spirit, but I can’t stand the church

9.Where is your favourite place?

the sea at night

10.When is your best time in a day?

in the morning, I’m a morning person, but I work in the night and sleep in the day

11.How do you spend your weekend?

it depends … sometimes I go out with my friends, sometimes I stay home and go to sleep early. This weekend I’m standing home and tomorrow (saturday) I work in the afternoon

One thousands thanks to Yoshiko that nominated me, you are a good soul, just know it …

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