Letter to a woman that I don’t know yet

I want to see you. Time is removing time from me. Long time not  hug you, nor kiss you. So much time that I can’t remember what is to feel something for you, to open my heart to you, made you the companion of my own depths, to share my secrets with you, those that I don’t share even with God. I search for you but I can’t find you, are you hiding in the forest, or in the mountains, in caves maybe ? Or maybe in another planet ? I search for you and I can’t find you. And when I see a glimpse of you, I erase it, I do the impossible to get away, is beacuse, you know my love, I’m afraid, I’m afraid of you, I’m afraid of love, I’m afraid that you leave me, I’m afraid of being alone. If only I could think about sex, but not, that’s not what I search, what I search is love, that love that I never had. I want to see you, but I get away, I erase you, I hurt you. I must be carefull with you, at last, you are made of the more precious ivory.

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