There is a time in life (depressive poetry)

There is a time in life

when you look at your past and you want

                                                 to erase it

when you look at your present and you

                                           got nothing

when you look at your future and you

                                  see it like a hole

                                  in the middle of the desert


There is a time in life

when you desire to die

instead of that you continue dragging

                              the cardboard box

and writing depressive letters

that you throw to the sky





you feel empty

you feel wasted

you feel dying

you feel

and that is why you know that you are alive

because you still can feel


There is a time in life

when life itself lose it’s purpose

when you get dry of tears

when you want to throw it all away


     [ I try to be hard

     [ I try to always show a smile

     [ I try I try I try 


(note : sorry for the poetry above, I wish I could write some happy poetry … but today I can’t)



20 thoughts on “There is a time in life (depressive poetry)

  1. maj,

    this poem touched me. I dont walk away easily from genuine sentiment, especially when it comes from those depths. call it ontological obscuration or just the blues, it’s all de-pression.

    hello, im jim. glad to meet you.

    sincerely, Jim Aldrich

    • thank you, fairy … the thing is I don’t want to made the impression of a poor being, or that I cry, or something like that, because I’m not, I don’t want people to feel pitty on me, but sometimes I need to scream my guts out. Hugs to you too, sweety

      • I wrote about crying as of late too. It isn’t about pity my dear Leo but about being human. I dated a man once that would never let me see his emotions or see him cry or feel anything… years later he let me in and seeing that other side of him made me fall in love with him even more, even though we are not together. He cried and needed me there for him, and I was. Sometimes we just need to let it out, and to me, that’s better than being a cold machine 🙂

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