The city on the other side of the horizon

At the other side of the horizon exist a city wich beautiful habitants

dress stars and Phoenix’s feathers
in their hair, their eyes are two rubies shining with the fire
of life that grows in the robust green trees.
In this city there is a circus whose primary entertainment
are automatas clowns and wind-up birds,
and it’s lights are sparks of sapphires.
In its forests glass flowers grow
blue, red, orange, green, lilac,
and in it’s waters there is a whole realm inhabited by mermaids and mermen.
The inhabitants of the city are of the most interesting
they dream awake and when they walk they say good day, good afternoon,
goodnight to everyone who passes.
In this city the dreams have wings and fly like birds.
The scent of the city is a blend of wild fruits and pipe smoke.
Their houses are small, humble, honest and
the fire in the fireplace is always high.
In this city there are no politicians nor governments
all people have a voice and
because they live in constant peace neither police isn’t needed
nor soldiers, nor wars.

Peace and good humor live with people, dreams, mermaids and mermen,

life does not end, always renewed.
Is this a city of miracles and wealth, happiness and joy, fortune and peace:
is this the city on the other side of the horizon.




(note : it’s really cheesy, I know, but it’s a good contrast with the depressive things that I was writing. I hope you, my fellow reader, had enjoyed.)

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