A poem to my mother

I want to write about her, the woman out there

the mother and father all in one

two in one



My mother is the hardest woman out there

she never fall

nor break

nor let greed touch her heart


she is the light in the middle of the night

she is the thunder in the heart of the storm

she is the deer in the center of the forest


and she is hard

she had the force of 1000 women

and her heart

embrace all the whole world


not allways she is nice,


but even in those moments

she is a flower that refuse to sour


You will ever see 

a smile in her face

and her laughter will be heard

in all the 5 continents.


I’m proud of her

yes, I can say with all my heart :

“I love you, mom”

6 thoughts on “A poem to my mother

    • thank you. The truth is that yes, I love her, one of the things that most made me sad is to know that one day she will not be here evermore, and that day … that day just made me sad.

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