Social Phobia (the darkness inside my head)

There they are

the faces of stone


faces of stone

and me

wanting to go

to walk out

of the jungle of the lost.

Instead of doing that

I enter more into the deep darkness

seeking redemption.

As I walk

I can see

monsters dancing over my grave

and beings

with the scariest smile

chanting in unison

“come join us”,

I can’t

I’m paralized

my mouth is knitted

I can’t even smile

nor scream

nor make any sense

of this living nightmare

I stand

in the dark

Shadows all around me


The darkness inside my head

World coming down


eating my guts

Everything becomes irreal

I’m lost

I know that I’m lost

and there is no escape

no exit door

I can’t save myself

of the laughing stones.

I pray for the earth to open

and eat me

an earthquake can be ok


instead of being here,

but not !!!

Spiders eating my guts

Clowns devouring my soul.

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