Wandering Barefoot (dialogues with myself)


Put your belt on,

                           I will start to drive



There is this young girl with the short jeans and tattoos all over her legs, well, she is 19, she seems so fragile, so innocent, so pure, like a pearl of the deepness of the sea, and there are so much predators out there. In my dreams, I mean. There is this creature who is half tiger, half crocodile, with his sharp teeth, and his mortal claws. There is this lobster with wings of dragon. And there is the hunter, throwing fire through his ears and nose. But I’m their master, I’m the most cruel of them all.




Did you asked yourself what is this life about ?

Did you asked yourself why the stars never fall ?




There is order in the chaos, this universe is not so anarchist after all. Our life is an offering to love. There are invisible forces guiding us all, call it what you want : Destiny, luck, fortune, God. Everyone of us is an Universe in itself. Our dreams are our inner world. Every night we die, in the morning we are reborn. We have inner suns warming us all.




6 thoughts on “Wandering Barefoot (dialogues with myself)

  1. Me encanta esta frase: “Every night we die, in the morning we are reborn”. Eso pienso de alguna manera vivimos algo en el sueño, en la noche. De verdad hablas contigo? O soy yo la única que se habla y se responde en su cabeza con frases y frases? Saludos!

    • si, cada tanto hablo conmigo mismo, cuando me encuentro disponible, jej. La frase es robada, no me acuerdo de quien es, pero antes de ser robada ya era lo que yo pensaba …

    • jaj, es cierto, hay una frase hecha por mi que no la puedo utilizar porque esa misma frase la usaron antes, la frase es : “we are stardust”, y resulta ser que Carl Sagan escribio : “we are made of stardust” … ahhhhhhhhhh, robandome las frases antes de tiempo

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