Drunken dreams

Yesterday I get out, to drink. I called to a friend and we met in a bar near our house. It started good, me with my stuttering, he with his … whatever-he-do (I don’t know). We started to drink. I drank two glasses of red wine, 4 liters of beer, and 2 vodka. Yes, I was drunk. Before we pay, I get up and went to the bathroom. I fell. I fuckin’ fell between the tables. Goddamit !!!. That is my last memory. I can’t remember how I get to my house, how I undressed, and how I went to bed. I can’t remember. But I remember my dream :

I dreamt of a beautiful blonde teenage girl, with short jeans and tattoos all over her legs. I felt in love instantly. I crossed the street to talk with her, but she entered to a car, a big-expensive-car (like a porsche, or a ferrari). Well, I continue walking to my house and I saw some boys with hoodies covering their faces, hacking the electricity. I watched and I told to myself : What the fuck ?. I continue walking to my house and I found lot of comic books, Spiderman, Thor, this kind of stuff.

Then I waked up, in my bed, half naked, with headache, without the comic books, thinking about the blonde girl of my dream.

It was a pleasant night, I hate to lose control, but when I lose, well, I just lose it. I try all the time to be in control of myself, and I put a lot of pressure on me. So is good, from time to time to lose control.

update: Ok, now that I’m sober I hate myself for being drunk yersterday, my body hurt for the fall, I need to search a job, I don’t want, I don’t, I feel stupid, I am, I swear to myself : I will not be drunk again …

(…yes, of course)

10 thoughts on “Drunken dreams

    • jaj, yes.

      That’s what I hate about dreaming of beautiful girls, that I can’t take them to this plane of reallity, they are imprisoned in Lord Morpheus’s Kingdom, and most the time, I see them only one time in my life. I think I’ll better chase a girl of this plane =)

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