Don’t stop (dreaming of Utopia)

The birds


are praising

the beginning of the day



in the prisons

thousands of men

are being tortured



dreaming of a better world


The law is a virus

infecting the system


The law will get you

and brainwash your brain


The law will make you

a slave and sell you

to the highest bidder


The law, The law,

The law will eat your sons

your baby’s brain


HAIL to the name of the Law


Stop !


Documents !!


Against the wall !!!


They will rape your wife

your daughter

They will incarcerate you for life

under penalty of being suspicious

of wanted to be free

to make your own life


I’m not talking about assassins

or rapists

I’m talking about people

that their own fault

was to want to make the world

a better place for you and me


Let’s stop humilliation

Let’s take control


over our lives


Let’s make the world

a green and clean place

for our sons.

5 thoughts on “Don’t stop (dreaming of Utopia)

  1. I agree with your thoughts. I was raised in the time when the word “Utopia” was spoken often. We need to gain control of our world or personal thoughts and actions will be forgotten. Thank you for the outstanding poem.

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