They sold their souls and want to sell ours too

All the pain dissapears

when I confront the blank page,

the words

are real even more than reality itself,

I can create planets

I can create stars


Today was a bad day

a very bad one.

Today I was surrounded by walls

10 feet tall

and the exit door was hidden from my eyes


I was thinking how people can make their future

when there is no chances of making one,

How for some there is so much

as for others so little,

How can a man control his own life

when he is surrounded by Machiavellian robots,

How many words get lost

in a stupid 8 hours work,

How many dreamers are silenced

by agents of the law,

How they reject anarchy

when they are full of chaos


Everything is wrong

this world is wrong

this world is controlled by the wrong people


The artists

The poets



We need to get over the world


But how to make it when

everything around us is dead fields

and dry seas,

when hearts are corrupted,

when heads are broken

at Peace manifestations


Nature is being killed

by cement and oil

They are turning our world

in a prison of the soul


Finally they will mark us

with the mark of the beast

They are corrupting the human nature

They are corrupting our sons

Our world is distorted

by the power of a bunch of people

that sold their souls

long time ago.

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