to Jazmin … (very old poetry II)

Blood roses your body

your words submerge the sea

(art of lover your essence)

poetry of sex




black candles nymph

the sky is on fire to your steps

impending madness

literal pornography.


(I wish to enter there

in your demon womb

melt in your bed

between your hair

photograph with poison your eyes).


Addict to acids

orgy of psychedelic spirits

(will we run naked in the forest of light?)


With your red hair

dyed with blood

undress in front of me

take off your silk


sacrifice to Poseidon a winter night :

waves will impregnate your body !

drowned maybe

in white fluid.


The mark was made

there is no come back

you incarnate poetry

between the wind your smile


you howl like a virgin of marble

and my crystal sperm

in your red hair

submerged maybe

in my poetry of distance.




(note : the original was in spanish,  this is an attempt of translation)

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