Shadows (a tribute to Alejandra Pizarnik)

I write  in the wind a scream

a desperate song of a crazy angel,


get lost in the sea.


Between books of bad memories


the Garden of Shadows,

noise of Shadows,

play of Shadows



of Shadows.


“Estos muertos son mios”

she said,

my death to redeem my sins

that are forgotten in an universe of



The Water soaks the pages

full with poetry of self-destruction and death

(words that hurt)


Try to pass the neurosis to the pages,


Try to pierce the pages with the neurosis,


neurosis of Shadows.

I’m Shadows

life is Shadows,

you are the tree

that is not there


Try to create the illusion :

without light you get lost,

the light turn off some time ago,




time of Shadows.





(note: this is a tribute that I wrote some years ago to one of my favourite poets : Alejandra Pizarnik)

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