I feel

a big anxiety

growing inside me

is like if I’m afraid of something

something unknown




some kind of black energy

is like

if I’m afraid

of living

and I’m doubting



8 thoughts on “Anxiety

    • thank you, Heart. It happen sometimes that I feel like in a state of anxiety (at least one time in the day) and it eat me from the inside … I needed to externalize that feeling.

  1. this actually made me think, when I describe my anxiety I describe it as a big black nothingness consuming my body but the fact that you called it a wicked evil dark energy sounds way better and makes more sense, I often wonder what triggers it almost like a paranoiai filling my body making me scared of life itself!

    • that’s true, your description of anxiety, now that I read your words it feels like it too, like a big black nothingness. We will get over it, cheer up !!!

  2. You are not alone in this very stressful world that we share, you can master your anxiety, I wish you
    peace. You are a very gifted writer, it is good to express yourself.

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