Obsession (… of a psychotic mind)

If I was your owner

I did desolate your soul

I did lock you in a cage

of sperm and dust



If you was mine

I did never let you go

You did be my obsession

I did break your bones


The only thing that I want from you is

… well, all

I want you to think only about me

I want you to call me God



(note : I wrote this poem thinking about the type of men that frightens me most : The obsessive type. I feel a deep sorrow, being a man, for those women under their influence. These kind of men are parasites of the Earth.)

2 thoughts on “Obsession (… of a psychotic mind)

    • yes, I never passed through it (I’m a man), but I think about those women and it makes me want to break all the teeths off of these kind of men. The worst part is that those girls, much of the time, are so affraid that they even can’t ask for help. Thank you for the comment.

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