A pleasant moment

I’m sitting at the strip club, alone
A beer in my hands
Whores in the bar
Dust on the floor

Cheesy music fill the air
Atmospheric smoke

A whore offers me her love
I accept

Everything around me reminds me of
Poetic beers
Alcoholic words

(those are the moments
that make life
worth living)

2 thoughts on “A pleasant moment

  1. I like that… all jokes a side there really is something about drink, sex and music that really get the senses and imagination going. I used to write a lot interesting places like this.. it was my muse in younger days.

    • Thank you for the comment !!! Yes, there is something in those kind of places that help you to create, when you understand it. I’m a fan of Bukowski, Tom Waits, and Leonard Cohen (and a lot of other things too), and they are too attached to the atmosphere of those places, the old pubs, the old hotels, the whores, the (let’s-say-it-that-way) low life. Well, thank you again for the comment and the like.

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