Dream (a thought)

There are two worlds, separated only by our mind. We are the door to one and the other. Our selves   travel through this two worlds every night, and every day. This two worlds are the Lucid World, and the Dream’s Realm. The Dream’s Realm is so realistic like the Lucid World, but a lot more fragil. Every night we live differents lives, because the lives in the Dream only last the time that the dream last. Our mind is like a God, creating and destroying every time. The Dream’s Realm is magic, in the way that it has its own laws, but I believe that this magic can be broken, that’s the reason that we can’t remember our dreams, or, in the case of remembering, it looks like if we are looking at them through mist. I’m writing this because I literally live another life when I dream. I expect anxious to go to sleep, so I can travel through the oniric world. Every day, when I wake up, is like I lost something that could never be save again. Maybe my only scape are my dreams. I want them to last longer. I want to stay there, inside them …

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