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(my) Feelings, Naked

What is wrong with me ?

Every person that I knew failed me,

everyone of them showed me that friendship is an ilusion,


is something wrong with me ?

Is so difficult to find peace, to be happy ?

Everyone feels alone,

or is just me ?

Is there anyone not thinking only for himself/herself ?

Or, is something wrong with me ?

I feel I’m losing the game

I know sadness, and anger is ON

I’m afraid of what I can become

I can’t ask for help,

I can’t believe in anyone,

every person I know teach me that trust is an ilusion

and, I’m a dreamer, a fool

Why is so difficult to find peace ? Why is so difficult to find happiness ?

Is too much to ask for love, acceptance, a friend, a brother, a family,

someone in who I can trust ?

Negative thoughts cloud my mind

Anger is ON

I know sadness

Evil ghosts surrounds me

… is there a place where I belong ?

Bleeding meal

They scream, but who hears ?

They suffer, but who cares ?

You see them as a product, something for consume


To satisfy our consumer addiction

you’ve got them in your table, their blood, their bones

another product,

all their suffering

is only another piece of meat between your teeths.

Could you look at them, to their eyes and tell them :

I’m sorry, but my hunger is worth your suffering ?

Me, not …

Next time you eat a chicken, a piece of meat

cow meat, pig meat, sheep meat, or a fish

know that this tasty meal was a life

that lived in fear, imprisoned,

another product

that bleeds.

Night (Rosh HaShana)

The streets are empty

Darkness and the new year

Night, I am happy

(note : So, today was the jew’s new year, we are starting the year 5775, I’m at work, the hour : 03:20 AM, outside I can see the darkness, the night, I love the night, at this hour there is nobody in the streets, I can hear the silence, I’m at peace)

Untitled No. 21


Spanish translation

Originally posted on SALTO AL REVERSO:

Siento la necesidad de correrme

sobre la poesia de tu cuerpo,

tus labios (vaginales) que me cuentan de Safo

y el gastado camino de tu cintura,

tus tetas como montanias, montanias de miel, y

yo soy un colonizador,

voy a sumergirme en el mar de tus fluidos purpuras

Sos mia esta noche, las estrellas te miran y te envidian

porque sos mia

esta noche

todo es posible

esta noche

somos etereos

nuestros corazones bombean sangre + adrenalina

Un circulo de saliva nos rodea

y en el medio de la noche

te nombro

Reina, Diosa

de la naturaleza

No voy a recordarte maniana

pero esta noche

somos uno, un cuerpo, un alma,

pagana comunion del espiritu

Pero para cuando el sol salga

vas a ser otro vacio recuerdo

en la nostalgia de la nada

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Untitled No. 21

I feel the urge to cum
over the poetry of your body
your (vaginal) lips that tell me of Sappho
the wasted road of your hips
your tits like mountains, honey mountains, and
I’m an explorer,
I submerge myself in the sea of your purple fluids

You are mine tonight, the stars in the sky watch you and envy you
because your are mine
everything can happen
we are ethereal
our hearts pumping blood + adrenaline

A circle of saliva around us
and in the middle of the night
I name you
Queen, Goddess
of nature

I’ll not remember you tomorrow
but tonight
we are one, one body, one soul
communion of the spirit

But tomorrow
you’ll be another empty memory
in the longing of the void